SBP Blade Protector

SBP Blade Protector


Hardcore protection for your Shockwave Blade.

Legal for use on rifles.  All NFA rules apply.  Read our FAQ here.


  • Prevents dirt and debris from entering void in Shockwave

  • Protects Shockwave from damage due to accidental drops

  • Steadies firearm when propping against a wall

  • Perfect for use in conjunction with a lawfully registered SBR or rifles with barrels 16" or longer

  • Made from billet 6061 aluminum

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Weighs 2.8 oz

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Protect your Shockwave Blade on your rifle with the IC13™ SBP™ Blade Protector.  Installation and removal is as simple as pushing the protector in, and pulling it out.

IC13 Arms is actively pursuing a new, favorable determination from the ATF with regards to use on pistols.  Read their original determination regarding the SBP here.

Read our FAQ on the SBP here.

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