AR-MASK AR15 Paint Masking Kit

AR-MASK AR15 Paint Masking Kit


High temp masking kit for AR15 receivers.


  • Cavity plugs are cut to exacting tolerances for the perfect fit
  • Conical plugs can easily be cut to your desired length
  • Withstands extreme heat
  • Inexpensive and REUSABLE
  • Saves TONS of time
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Stop wasting your time with tape!

The AR-MASK™ masking kit is the simplest and quickest solution to masking your AR15 upper and lower receivers for painting.  Just push the plugs into the correct cavities and you are ready to paint in minutes, not hours, all while protecting critical areas from overspray.  Plugs are made from high temperature silicone, making them perfect for Cerakote™, GUN-KOTE™, or other bake on firearm finishes.  Can be reused over and over again.  A kit includes components for one upper and one lower AR15 receiver.

*Cerakote™ is a trademark of NIC Industries

*GUN-KOTE™ is a trademark of Brownell's, Inc

    *AR15 receivers pictured are not included.  We recommend using tape on the upper receiver's barrel nut threads.