IC13 Releases INVRT Line - "The Bandoleer, Redefined"

IC13 is proud to announce the release of the INVRT Bandoleer and its accompanying accessories.  

Designed in collaboration with Lunar Concepts, the INVRT™ is a bandoleer-style chest rig system based upon two concepts: speed and simplicity.  The INVRT™ magazine pouches are specifically designed to be used in the inverted position, with or without the shock cord keepers.  The angled placement and inverted orientation of the magazines on the INVRT™ allows for rapid magazine changes, and the minimalist design maintains a small, lightweight package. 

The INVRT platform is user configurable thanks to its generous PALS webbing and hook/loop fields, but is also available in a "Full Kit" complete with rifle magazines pouches, pistol pouch, and medical pouch.

The Multicam version of the INVRT begins shipping on November 20th, 2017, with Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black following shortly thereafter.  The INVRT will also be available in specialized colors such as Multicam Black in limited runs.

The entire product line can be found at www.ic13arms.com.