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It's time to Mount Up!

Mount up! gun mount sytem

Don't have a safe?  Maybe you want to show off your beautiful AR build.  Want quick access to your weapon behind a door, or in a closet?

No matter the use, the IC13 Mount Up! Gun Mounts are the way to get the job done.

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Deploy your Spyderco┬« Delica, Endura, or Matriarch like a boss with the Signet Ring by Wise Men Company.  Works in conjunction with the Emerson wave feature to make switchblades look like molasses.

Don't have a Delica?  No worries, you can get one of those here too.

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The IC-Lock product family was designed and developed by IC13 Arms & Accesories because we care about safety and we believe we can do it better than anyone else. We also believe safety innovations should come from entrepreneurs, not government mandates. Check out our complete line of IC-Locks that you can use in many popular firearms.

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We've partnered with Wise Men Company, one of the finest every day carry lifestyle companies out there to bring our customers high quality, innovative EDC tools and accessories to keep your carry game on point.